Growing-up is difficult. Most of us don’t set out to destroy the planet as a result

WHAT IS IT about “growth” that gets the G20 so (almost sexually) excited? I, obviously, have grown since I was a small baby — largely as a result of love, care and food — but it never involved conferences of the 20 largest free market capitalist countries. Bare that in mind; I’ll return to “love, care and food” later.

I am almost inclined — almost — to suggest that there is a generational problem here. Many of the G20 leaders, and many of them are round-about the same age as myself, don’t seem to care much about the consequences of ‘growth … growth, growth’. Regular visitors to/readers of Storyboard4 will know that I’m hardly anti-progressive. If I were I wouldn’t be contributing to an internet ‘blog’; rather, I’d be handwriting everything and be insisting it was only to be produced on vellum parchment.


Enough of that … The significant problem, I think, is this: unfettered, often poorly regulated, economic “growth” means an increasing commercialisation of life itself which is often commercialised quite enough today. There would, more than likely, be more environmental degradation. This is only a supposition on my part but today’s G20 leaders would not seem to care. Besides, they won’t be around to see what happens. Yet, should some of them procreate (yuk! I’m disgusted by that thought), their children will be.

Can the human race not produce what it actually needs? If there was surplus can it not be stored or — even — shared? That last point sounds almost revolutionary anti-capitalist. ‘Heaven-forbid!’ I don’t, as many visitors/readers will know, use religious analogies very often.

Those G20 leaders whose mantra is “growth … growth …” as the only solution to global economic crisis can’t get their troubled heads round the idea that we need to consider economic alternatives; democratic alternatives. I call this alternative ‘green socialist democracy’. Other terms could be applied — humanism, perhaps. That is why, as ‘soppy’ as it might sound, “love, care and food” are essential ingredients to an alternative. From that flows many other issues; fair pay and conditions, greater equality … The G20 seem to be only concerned with short-term financial gain. What a surprise! ✪

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