Farage: f**k wit

Has it ever occurred to you, even if only for a second or two, that there is an alternative to the predominant centre-right?

SHOULD THERE BE really any surprise that Lefties — not just in the British Isles; this strange archipelago off the European mainland but elsewhere too — run from the ‘challenge’. The former Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB), as opposed to the current quasi-CPGB today (formed from the youth wing {no, that is not a joke} of a neo-Stalinist (NCP) split in the CPGB of the late 1970s) had a great deal more influence on left-of-centre thinking than might be first thought. “Socialism in one country”, the “British Road to Socialism” and so forth. This is something I have written about several times before.

The ‘working class’ support that Nigel Farage and his UKIP circus are attracting, so it would seem, is mostly in relation to hostility to the European Union (EU). The late ‘saint’ Tony Benn was opposed to the EU, or as an older acquaintance of mine insists on calling it, the ‘European Economic Community’ (EEC). “It will be controlled by the banks.” WOW! And in Britain? “It will be different.” Of course it will … ‘Socialism in one country’; sad but true.

We live in, or are subject to a ‘globalised’ free market capitalist world. An initial solution: a global/internationalist movement that can counterpose an alternative; a socialist, internationalist alternative to austerity, discrimination … There are former leftish working class voters who are attracted by the idea of Farage as an anti-establishment politician. This may be painful but they need to be disabused of this notion. Farage is an establishment politician: upper class, private school-educated, Thatcherite spiv.

“different type of EU”

I’m in favour of reform of the EU but I suspect it’s not along the lines that David Cameron (UK prime minister) has in mind. I would like to see a very different type of EU, as would other newly emerging progressive/broad left parties and movements across the European continent. Euro-sceptic Tories or UKIP offer isolationism and ‘protectionism’; a recipe for a very flat sponge.

Far-right European parties/movements want ‘working class’ votes because it makes them so much more respectable — as long as they ([the ‘plebs’] don’t realise what it is they are actually supporting). Privatisation, privatisation … and lots more privatisation. Radical/revolutionary left WAKE UP! British withdrawal from the EU would, potentially, be a social disaster. “Socialism in one country” is not just a ‘pipe-dream’ it’s reactionary.

Left Unity (Britain) has recently applied for observer status at the European Parliament’s ‘left group’ (Syriza {Greece}, Podemos {Spain} etc …). It’s a small step — not exactly a call to the barricades — but it’s a step in the right direction. Ouch! British lefties must be squirming: “Aren’t those ‘daegos’ meant to be following us?”

NO! Get used to it; the British Isles are a an archipelago off the European mainland. Empire may have been great for a tiny number of aristocrats and their ilk but for those who were victims or were, effectively, press-ganged into carrying out ‘colonisation’, perhaps not

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