‘Naughty knickers’

‘Naughty knickers’? Nothing too naughty …

THE DAILY “TORYGRAPTH”, as it is affectionately known by a certain satirical magazine for whom I still contribute to, occasionally, would seem to be getting their ‘naughty knickers’ in a twist.

Peter Oborne has resigned 1. A respected journalist/columnist — not by me for his “conservative-leaning” political views; but I suspect you knew that — and the Telegraph’s newsroom has been decimated. SACKED! No chance of a ‘dignified’ resignation. Political correspondent, Matthew Holehouse, left the paper after he was, allegedly, [accidentally] included in a series of email exchanges between senior figures at Conservative Central Office who were speculating about which sitting Labour MPs were paedophiles and how they should deploy this ‘information’.


Oborne left the Telegraph largely due to ‘heavy-handed’ pressure from HSBC, one of the paper’s principal advertisers, had got too much to bear. The two siblings who own the Telegraph group and also own most of Sark and other Channel Islands are ‘weird’. How weird? The Telegraph would appear to no longer have an ‘editor’ but a ‘head of content’. What planet are these people living on? Don’t ask since they’re probably planning to buy the planet. I have to be careful with my choice of words; libel courts are not nice places to hang about in, believe me. I think I can say (Lord) Black, a former owner of the Telegraph, is a s***e because the legal jurisdiction … I think I’m going to throw-up …

Now where was I? Oh yes … The Daily Telegraph’s ‘naughty knickers’. It is not only major advertisers that have been heavy-handed when it comes to editorial decisions but there would also appear to be allegations that the British Conservative party’s HQ has preferred, allegedly, to show some ‘muscle’, editorially, when it comes to paedophilia. Tory party electioneers have made accusations about Labour MP’s being paedophiles. If so, they should be prosecuted. But Britain’s Conservative party seems to be far more interested in how it can ‘use’ such alleged ‘information’ to their electoral advantage (Britain has a general election in May).

Would you sink that low? Apparently, Britain’s Conservatives would. But they have a ‘track-record’ in this regard. Many of the party’s wealthy ‘Putin-loving’ donators are Russian oligarchs. Little wonder that there is increasing evidence of the extent to which it influences policy.

The Committee to Protect Journalists has recently reported that several independent Russian news outlets have had ‘content blocked’ without any court order. David Cameron’s (British Prime Minister) generous Russian friends like it that way. No influence on Conservative party policy? Pull the other one Mr Cameron. Piss off back to Eton; you should probably have never left! ✪

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1. Oborne’s resignation letter
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