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Affordable housing, roof over your head … Is that too much to ask?

WHAT IS this obsession with ‘home ownership’ all about? Surely, a roof over your head is more important than if you own the roof. Politicians, particularly from the centre-left, should be more concerned about decent social housing, shouldn’t they?

Money could be spent on prosecuting ‘rogue’ landlords charging extortionate rents but no … All major parties in Britain think that everyone wants to get on the so-called property ladder. Given my physical disabilities I’d probably fall off the ladder after the first rung. Do we have to own everything? Local libraries are worth defending because you can borrow/take out a book that you might otherwise not be able to afford.

That might, I admit, seem a rather strange analogy but the roof over our heads/decent accommodation is surely more important than a mortgage. Isn’t it? Of course, several hundred years ago you would need to own property, however broke you were to have a vote. Even if you were a woman who owned property you would be excluded from voting. Papers, such as the Daily Mail these days rant and rave about so-called ‘political correctness’ gone mad; this is politics “gone mad”. We are not all equal citizens in Britain and the political establishment, and that includes posh ‘spivs’ such as Nigel Farage/UKIP, prefer to keep it that way.

Is it a ‘sin’ to rent? I think it’s a sin to be charged exorbitant rents by landlords who own several properties dotted around a local area but which of the mainstream political parties are campaigning against that?

“one million empty homes”

Of the smaller parties, the Green party would appear to be only one remotely interested in social housing. Their policy highlights the fact that there are “one million empty homes”. They suggest halving “this number through empty property use orders”. I’m not entirely sure what an “empty property use order” is when it’s at ‘home’ but it sounds more constructive than what is being proposed by others. Again, I wonder what is the obsession with owning property? If the reason is to pass-it-on to children then think again. It’s far more problematic than you might realise. If you have adoptive parents, now deceased, but ‘siblings’ who have never really liked you it’s a nightmare. They want their ‘dosh’ and quibble about whether you should get anything. Legal adoption papers count for ‘sod-all’ in such circumstances; they will even treat your close friends as ‘shit’.

Laurie Penny, in article published on the New Statesman’s website, has talked of how David Cameron (British prime minister) at the recent ‘City of London’s Lord Mayor’s banquet chose to announce “permanent austerity”. Not for him and his chums I suspect. ‘Wanker’ is a colloquial expression that comes to mind.

The Green party go on to say that they are in favour of an “end to right to buy and introduce the right to rent”. I’m not a Green party member but I hope they have more MPs after the 7 May election.

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