Tyranny of social media

Can he hide? Can he escape? What can beat a cup of tea or coffee with a living, vaguely breathing human being? Social media? F-off, why don’t you

SOCIAL MEDIA. Give me a break. I hold my hands up in shame; I use it (and hopefully don’t abuse it). It can be useful should you want to promulgate a certain message, internet link or such like to ‘friends’ in one fell swoop. There are so many ‘threads’ and then your attention is called to what is ‘trending’. AGH! One such ‘thread’ recently involved at least 20 messages (and that is low so I’m led to believe). A face-to-face meeting could’ve come up with an answer/solution in five or ten minutes. But no … let’s do it online. We’re that ‘hip’.

Face-to face meetings do, of course, have their drawbacks; suitable, accessible venue, the fact that you might instantly dislike someone for completely irrational reasons. I’m armour-plated these days. I know that many people on the British left think that I am the ‘Devil incarnate’; revising here and there like it was going out of fashion. If you ever meet a man with a walking stick, dressed in a Ben Sherman suit, avoid him at all costs. It’s probably me and I’m contagious.

The British ruling class think that French workers are lazy; a 35-hour week on a decent rate of pay. They’ve got a nerve! What’s wrong with working unsocial hours on a dodgy contract for ‘peanuts’? There’s a clue in the question. Free markets are free to those who control them. There’s an oxymoron begging to be let in there but FA Hayek1 made sure that some of his ‘bully-boys’ kept such linguistic rabble out. If you control the market (mantra) you control who is allowed to participate. Should you question the monetary value of so-called intellectual labour then it’s ‘good-bye’. Should you even go so far as to suggest that ‘intellectuals’ ought to be on ‘zero-hours’ contracts then don’t be too upset if you don’t receive a Christmas card.


Money buys … Well … that’s an intriguing question. Production for need v profit. Ouch! We’re getting near to … Capitalism: an economic system that promotes and glorifies the ascendancy of a small, sometimes minuscule, minority over the majority of ‘wage labourers’. Socialist democracy: quite a few ‘hiccups’ there but if you think you’re going to find some deification to Stalinism and similar you obviously need to spend a little more time exploring Storyboard4. We don’t do ‘gulags’. Shame … there might be some money in it ✪

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1. Friedrich August von Hayek, Austrian-born, later British economist, who defended ‘classical liberalism’. The late Margaret Thatcher, former British Conservative prime minister, was a big fan/groupie.