OUCH! That’s hot!


Did you ever imagine Dougal and Zebedee would be ‘name-checked’ in a political blog? You’re obviously new round these parts

AND IT IS hotting up. So hot I’ll be able to have a sauna in my living room. Thank goodness I have net curtains; I wouldn’t want my neighbours to see me strutting around naked. If there’s not a law against it there probably should be one. We could call it the ‘Humility Act 2015’.

Anyway … Ideology seems to have crept in despite the Westminster club bouncers. The mainstream British parties (Conservative, Labour, Liberal and … United Kingdom Independence Party, Ukip, since they’re not as anti-establishment as they like to pretend). Tell people: “Voting for a political party that is led by a public school (i.e., privately) educated ‘spiv’ is not anti-establishment”.

• Ideology: not always a pretty sight. If you’ve ever been to a ‘lefty’ meeting it can be downright ugly. “You should have read Trotsky’s letter to [name of person whom no-one has ever heard of before] and you would understand!” “I’ll stick with Dougal and Zebedee thank you [me].” There’s a cheer from the back-row, oh … Katherine is here.

It’s good that the likes of me have friends such as Katherine. They keep us ‘ideologically’ grounded. They are unafraid to tell us when we are talking ‘bull-shit’. I’m not too sure about the “bull” but a lot of “shit” has (metaphorically) passed through my mouth over the years. “The [1990s] will be marked by a parallel and similarly brutal shake[-]up of the traditional organisations of the labour movement.” Was I still on Lithium?

Ironically, Lithium or not, much of what I said, back in the ‘stone ages’, has come to pass. Today’s labour movement is all ‘shuck-up’. YO! Let’s invite Nile Rodgers to write us a ‘hit’. I think we need to ‘freak’ out.

Labour, bless their M&S socks, seem to be embarrassed by ‘social justice’. Little wonder; what do Labour’s front bench know about struggling for social justice? ‘Bugger-all’ is a phrase that springs to mind; ‘sod-all’ is another. I think you get my drift. The Labour party came about as a result of struggle. Don’t turn your back; but you already have.

“… almost pornographic …”

° Strategy (and tactics): which comes first? So intertwined it’s almost pornographic. Lets leave the sexual analogies on one side (at least for a moment). We, the humble radical/revolutionary left want to build a new type of mass workers’ party, a democratic, green, socialist party; I think we can put that in the “strategic” category. How do we do that without breaking several limbs?

Fourth Internationalists should not be ‘entryists’ in such a party; they should be at the root of a new type of party. They must be open, transparent about their political agenda and defend the right of others to do likewise; even if that involves the Weekly Wanker and suck like. Jesus! I can’t believe I just said that. Tactics, tricky business.

Perhaps the question(s) is/are this: do tactics stem from strategy or the other way round? Discuss!

Let’s try and get this straight (no issues of sexuality intended): a new type of radical left party, transparent politics … Sounds like a nightmare! Perhaps we need to be scared. Politics can be scary. It’s not all neatly packaged; try opening a parcel. Someone would appear to have a grudge against you. You may well have a grudge against them. I carry grudges; it’s a failing of mine. Nonetheless, I’m prepared to venture out — to struggle for — a new type of radical workers’ party: ‘eco-socialist, feminist, revolutionary’. It’s not too much to ask for is it? ✪

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