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QuoteLI DIDN’T like that!”
– “Didn’t like what?”
– “Getting ‘jabbed’.”
– “Oh that … You know it makes sense.”
– “But I don’t like being put in a basket. I AM NOT A BASKET CASE!
– “Really … Are you sure about that?”

Some serious ‘miaowing’ and looks followed.

“Who’s side are you on?”
– “I’m not necessarily on anyone’s side … because I’m not always sure whether someone is on my side.”
– “If you start getting philo … phil … philosophical I’ll … If you start quoting that “Cheshire Cat” dude … I will … I will ‘pee’ over our next meal.”
– “MIAOW! You’ve done that before haven’t you?”
– “No comment!”

The ‘laws’ in ‘Feline-land’ can be difficult for humans to comprehend; although a ‘row’ today will seem to have been forgotten by tomorrow. The negotiating skills of a cat may, at first, seem rather limited but their ability to compromise, relatively peacefully, is something that humans might learn from.

“What are these bits of paper about?”
– “Where?”
– “Up there.”
– “Oh those … They are to remind Madame what she needs to do. I think they’re meant to be quite useful.”
– “Are they?”
– “Well … look at it this way — no, not literally you idiot — do we go hungry?”
– “No.”
– “So ..?”

As translated by Madame D’Chatte for Storyboard4™ © September 2014


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