Big ‘purrr …’ of cats

– “Dare I ask why?”
– “I dare you. It gives me something to do.”
– “Holy feline. You are bored.”

A cat’s life is not always as exciting as it might first appear. Catchy-catchy a small rodent? Done that! Bully a bird? Everyday …

“What we need is an adventure; a challenge. What have we said we would do but have never got our tails into gear?”
– “Erm … Is there some human’s garden we’ve never ‘soiled’ before?” P4Tlogo
– “That’s a tough one. There’s some new ‘hums’ in the house down the road. We might have left our ‘calling card’ there before but not since they moved in.”
– “Good point — well purred out — let’s go. We can be back for tea.”

This was an exercise that required strategic vision and tactical precision.

“There! Those flowers look nice but I think they need watering …”
– “… and some compost too.”
– “You go left; I’ll take the right. We’ll rendezvous by the flower bed — look surprised — do our business and head home.”
– “You really enjoy this don’t you.”
– “You said you were bored.” 😼

As translated by Madame D’Chatte for Storyboard4 July 2014

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