Fiction fights back

Video below

QuoteLImagine where we could take him.”
– “I’ll think about that.”
The Lounger was packing a suitcase, stuffing it, haphazardly; pills on that side, bottles on the other. “I’m going to escape HC.”
– “Oh no … not again. And the reason this time is?”
– “People keep asking me if I’m any relation to … to …” This was difficult. “Any relation to ‘you-know-who’.”
– “Sit down dear and we’ll go through this again.”

In HC’s view, and increasingly in Sassy’s too, this behaviour was beginning to recur too frequently.

“You and I are fictional characters. Sassy is too. The Temptress, Ice Maiden, Princess, Hacker, Hyper … They only exist in ‘you-know-who’s’ head. We are free to do what we want.”
– “But what if he becomes ill — and he is prone to that. Have you seen his health records? They would even be rejected for serialisation by Scandinavian film-noir commissioning editors.”
– “You’re exaggerating. That is exactly what ‘he’ wants. I suspect he also wants to be commissioned for a series on CBBC.”
– “Bloody hell! I’m definitely going to escape.”
– “And where, prey, will you escape to? Think of all the places where we have been in his head. We have been thrown out of or banned from more places than, unfortunately, some people have had hot dinners.”
– “That’s a fair point …” “Thank-you dear.” “… but … Oh, I don’t know.”

Silence, except for the repetitious ‘tick-tock’ in the Lounger’s ‘fictional’ brain as he clutched at ideas; screwed them up and …

“What if we tried to help him?”
– “Go on.”
– “We could help turn things around …” “I have to interrupt. Have you thought through the consequences? If we were to assist in making ‘him’ only ‘sad-mad-but-boring’ as opposed to ‘sad-mad-and-unpredictable’ we would lose out.”

More silence — a time to contemplate.

“If ‘he’ were only ‘sad-mad-but boring’ couldn’t we still be ‘his’ capricious dilettante alter ego?

As told to RMDlM for Storyboard4TM © 2014

1. Socialist Democracy was published by a small cluster of dissident British Fourth Internationalists
in the late 1990s.


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