In memory: RS De la Mer

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SAD, but for a few months towards the end of 2013, the Lounger diaries were in abeyance due to the poor health of RS De la Mer. He passed away towards the end of 2013. Storyboard4 have been publishing the diaries since the site was set up, much to the annoyance of some visitors. The characters are fictional and we are not entirely sure that we needed to say that or that we should have done.

Are the characters based on real people? That is for the reader to determine. A lot may depend on the size of your ego. Originally, when many of today’s regular characters first featured in the “Bollinger column” of the late 1990s, in the short-lived magazine Socialist Democracy, they may have been based on actual people. Today, the characters have a life of their own. Will the Lounger return? (Ooops, he has; and the ‘reigns’ have been taken up by … another De la Mer “en commencemente”); and is he a changed man? We will just have to wait and see. Is there still an Appeal pending?

A new series of the diaries is now being published. We cannot help it; We have known this ‘character’ for some time. Some people hate him but others are clearly fond of his idiosyncrasies. Storyboard4 remains firmly in the latter camp.

With kind regards et salutations,
Editorial collective


• Lounger diaries 1998-2012 (revised edition), episodes XXII-XXIV, XXV-XXVII, XXVIII-XXX and XXXI-XXXIII can be downloaded from the left-hand sidebar. Lounger diaries 1998-2012 (revised edition) (1.1 mb) and 2013 (3 mb) can also viewed here.

Lounger diaries 1998-2012 (revised edition)

Lounger diaries 1998-2012
(revised edition)

Lounger diaries 2013

Lounger diaries 2013

Video archive here.

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