Spring … in his step

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QuoteLARE YOU a widow?”
– “What?”
-“Are you a widower?”
– “For f*@ƒß’s sake get on with it. Are you about to croak?”
– “Non. Ca pas simplé”
– “Do you know how much on a scale of 0 – 2002 I want to kill you at this precise, moment (with scatological references etc, etc …) in time?”

The Lounger was feeling disturbed — naturellement — French adverb; don’t you just hate them! There’s a time and place for French adverbs and it probably was’t now. There was a time when the Lounger would make his way around Sarth London. Not now. Not because he’s become any wiser; that would be foolish speculation.

“Where are we exactly?” ChampsGlasses2
– “On an away-day.”
– “That’s great … But is the countryside safe?”
– “If you behave yourself.”
– “Don’t I always?”
– “Hmm … Can I consider that under advisement? You don’t need your passport you know.”
– “That is a relief. Do we get to see cows and sheep?”
– “Again, you must behave yourself.”
– “You’re being quite weird today.” ☕︎

As told to RMDlM for Storyboard4 April 2014


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