Hanging on …

Video below

– “Oh dear. Emotionally or physically?”
– “What if it were both?”
– “I’d better ring the undertakers.”
– “You can be so ‘funny’ sometimes; I just don’t understand why you’ve never been offered your own TV show.”

The Lounger was attempting to raise himself up without the usual aids. It didn’t work and he toppled back on to the couch.

“Remind me”, HC said, “Where did you hide your Will?”
– “Oh, it’s in the *** ***** *** ***** and you need that password. If ‘you-know-who’ get their grubby mits on it — boom! — it self-destructs.”
– “Understood.” LoungerTrialAngle

The Lounger began to consider the vagaries of mortality when suddenly he felt the need to clarify the obvious: “There’s no money you know.”
– “Oh, that’s so disappointing. All this time I’ve been thinking you had been carrying out ‘bank heists’ while I was out.”
– “I might have thought about it but I suspect I’d probably make more money collecting donations for the Dilettante Lefty Charitable Foundation.”
– “Is there any tax owing on that?”
– “For ****** sake!”

HC helped him up. “It’s your books that concern me. These days you’ve probably got more than the local library. They deserve a good home.” He was really rather flustered: “They have a good home. I’m still here; I haven’t pegged it just yet.”
– “Quite right. Let’s try and keep it that way. Sassy has her eye on a few things but I’m sure you knew that.”
– “Sassy has her eye on lots of things not all of which have anything to do with me.”
– “Indeed.”
– “Any reason for this mono-syllabic refrain today?”
– “No.” ♝

As told to RMDlM for Storyboard4 February 2014


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