Sassy changeling

Video below

QuoteLWHEN DID THIS HAPPEN? Sassy is a new person … When did this happen?”
– “Recently …”
– “How recently?”
– “Quite recently …”
– “You fully understand the consequences?”

Indeed he did. When people change it may start as unpredictable, quickly followed by improbable. Chuck in some ludicrous decisions and everything is ‘done-and-dusted’. The only thing that can go wrong is … Ouch! Who left that there?

“Is anybody else going to change?” ChampsGlasses2
– “I’m not sure. This is a ‘pilot’.”
– “Really … And … erm … Is there a consultation?”
– “Of course.”

The Lounger hadn’t actually thought about that.

“Who should I consult?”
– “Well, you could start with me.”
– “Of course.”
– “Of course! Are you going to use more than two syllables today?”
– “I will do my utmost.”

HC was contemplating giving him a mild slap but decided to interrogate further.

“I don’t particularly mind if the Ice Maiden changes. It might be for the better. It’s a long shot I know but what about the Temptress or the Princess?”
– “I don’t have a plan.”
– “Have you ever had one?”
– “No.”
– “Hmm … Two syllables too much for you?”

As told to RMDlM for Storyboard4 June 2014


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