Paul Wood, sculptor & print maker

PAUL WOOD is an English sculptor living in Germany. He has previously lived in various parts of England, and for ten years on the Greek island of Kerkyra (Corfu), where he lived above the nudist beach at Myrtiotissa (Did we really need to know that?, Ed). He carves in both wood and stone, preferring to find local materials with a distinctive character. He often uses recycled or found materials. His sculptures are mainly figurative, curvaceous, sensuous, even erotic in nature, exploring the tactile beauty of the human body. He believes that the creation of beauty for its own sake is an act of rebellion against the cold, aggressive, acquisitive greed that currently dominates the world. For more see ““.

4PWood page_24PWood page

One thought on “Paul Wood, sculptor & print maker

  1. For people to know that I lived at Myrtiotissa, and am therefore influenced not only by the occasional beauty of its summer visitors, but also by its winter wildness, is I feel important. It helps perhaps to give people a clearer understanding of the Sculptures.
    Or they could say ” Oh yes, I remember him, the beardy man with the dog and the old jeep. He pulled us out of the ditch”.


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