Video montage below

QuoteLI THINK she’s gone bonkers.”
– “I hadn’t noticed.”
– “You wouldn’t, but she’s been coming home and starts ranting about her 30-year old or something colleagues dribbling on about their ‘boyfriends’ and babies.”
– “Fair point comrade. She shouldn’t come home and switch the kettle on but think, first and foremost, about the local ‘Feline Militia’ and their dietary requirements. Are we agreed?”
– “Aye!”

There was silence in the kitchen. A vote, all paws included, had been taken. The result was declared.

“So what now?”
– “What do you mean “what now”?”
– “What happens now ‘dimwit’?”
– “We could carry out some ‘militia’ work.”
– “I’ve never had the impression that Madame is too keen on our ‘gifts’.”
– “What’s wrong with a dead rodent?”
– “Madame has to ‘dispose’ of it.”
– “Aren’t humans capable of that?”
– “Yes they are … but they don’t enjoy it.”

Silence, once again, descended on the kitchen. P&R were pondering and purring but at low volume while they thought out their next ‘attack’ point.

“You know what I think?”
– “No, but I have a feeling you’re going to tell me.”
– “What if we ‘met’ a local rabbit?”
– “Isn’t that against the law?”
– “That’s never bothered us in the past.”
– “True … but I’m really not sure.” 😼

As translated by Madame Chatte D’Merde for Storyboard4TM
May 2015


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