Tall tale 29

Video below

QuoteLWHERE WILL it all end?”
– “Oh let’s see. A crappy care home or a hospital trolley; take your pick.”
– “Oh, you are on form. No. I wasn’t actually talking about us. These weirdo celebrities. Are there more of them?”
– “Of course there are.”

That was sorted then: more gossip, more salacious revelations … and more victims.

“What did you mean?”
– “About what?”
– “Care homes, hospital trolleys …”
– “I’m just being realistic. Don’t you remember? We never planned for the future because we convinced ourselves we would live for ever. Besides, if you peg it first what will I be left with? A collection of your notes — in colloquial Italian — about that Gramsci guy. I somehow think I wouldn’t get too much for them.”
– “… and if you go first I’ll be left with your collection of Elgar piano manuscripts. Actually … they are probably worth quite a bit …” LucanLogo
– “Whoah! Stop right there dearest. You are not going to do me in just so you can get your grubby mits on my Elgar originals.”
– “No dear. I was only going to suggest we fl …”
– “No! Definitely no.”

Silence descended. Everyone in the ShockJoc was waiting for …

Sotto voce: “There’s only one solution. We’ll have to arrange to shuffle off our mortal coil together. The kids can argue over our legacies.”
– “Shouldn’t we donate them to a library or museum?”
– “Alfie. I know we’re getting on a bit but by the time we depart there’s no guarantee there’ll be any libraries or museums left.”
– “How would we ‘end it’ together?’
– “I’ll think about it.” ☥

As overheard by Chalky and surreptitiously passed to Storyboard4 July 2014


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